part 1 of da anserr: da hills rolld ova dat day in silicone valley (da lady of da laye)

part 2: wut wuz her nam? it iz closer den u fink!

part 3: wher da zodiac wunted 2 go

(it is not nimue. 'lady of da lake' is meteorical. luk at shaker (dat is 4 next PAGE)!)

it is ok feline befuddlement. i 4give u. but do not do it again!

anserr fmt: no spaces in answers or between, (part 2)(part 1)in(part 3). shaker is not relvnt to dis page!

(if u ar wonderin y i am answerin so fast! dis is bein wroten by jackie da secretbrary. tara givs da riddles and i monitor da discord

i sur hav u playd lik a fiddle! u don suspect me at all! after all, man is the most dangerous animal of all...